“PastPresent” – ‘Waste Land’ project by Sally Waterman

“PastPresent” – ‘Waste Land’ project by Sally Waterman

I think that ‘PastPresent’ is an interesting series of photographs as they document childhood/family photographs in a way that not many people would. Usually family photographs would be kept in albums and shared with family or/and friends but Sally Waterman is taking those photographs and sharing them with the public.

The way that she has decided to present these family photographs is creating a story too, she’s gone back to the location that the photo was originally taken and held up the original photograph up against the background of the location to show the changes of then and now. Presenting it in this way makes the viewer think about what the family are doing now, where they are and how things have changed.

This particular project made me think of a project of another artist that I’ve researched before called Ben Heine, he is a Belgium graphic designer and has done a project called ‘Pencil Vs Camera’ where he sketches images and then holds those sketches up against a background that relates to his sketches to tell stories. (see source for examples)



Sally Waterman – http://www.sallywaterman.com/title.php?i=IZ625ML50G

Ben Heine – http://www.benheine.com/projects.php#



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