JFK Memorial, Dallas

JFK Memorial, Dallas

I think for a memorial of a past president this memorial isn’t really enough to remember a president. I was expecting a lot more when being shown the memorials in lecture, when I saw that it was a big white box like structure I was rather confused as I didn’t understand how that was a memorial.

After then finding out that the memorial was inside I was still confused as to why there had to be a bit white box like structure surrounding it and also why the memorial was a cenotaph as his body isn’t buried in that spot so really it’s almost like a fake grave.

I think it’s good to have a memorial of JFK but I think that this particular memorial doesn’t quite work as from the outside you’d think it’s something spectacular but then when you go inside it’s a granite slab with his name on.

Obviously this would be more memorial if it was actually where he was buried as it would be his gravestone but for it to just be placed in a random spot I think it’s quite strange and doesn’t stand out very much.


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