Maya Lin Vietnam Memorial

Maya Lin Vietnam Memorial

I think that the Vietnam memorial wall that Maya Lin designed is interesting because it is different to most other war memorials whether they’re statues of different soldiers of that war or a list of names on a wall or whatever the monument may be. Although this memorial is a list of the soldiers names it is different in it’s own way in that you can see your reflection in the wall, so if you were to go to find the name of a family member and you see your reflection beside the name it will give a more personal feel to the moment as you’ll be stood among that family member.

Also I think this memorial is different in that it’s a wall that takes up two acres, so it isn’t a small memorial, you could spend a day there from start to end reading all the soldiers’ names and trying to find those family members and it would be like a journey.

I understand the criticism of the prize winner and the person allowed to design the memorial being Chinese but I don’t think that should make any difference, she was born in Ohio and lived in Ohio most of her life so really she should be accepted as an American, or at least partly anyway, as she is known as being a Chinese American, not Chinese.

Anyway, I think it should be acceptable for someone from another country to be able to design a war memorial for another country as it shows that they aren’t against the U.S. or the U.S. soldiers and show their support of those soldiers killed in the Vietnam war. 

When it came to designing the other memorial, The Three Soldiers they decided to include a soldiers from three different ethnic groups to be the statues of the memorial to stop any comments being made of there only being white people as the statues and not showing support for soldiers from other countries that fought in the war, but if they chose to show those three soldiers from different ethnic groups then why was there controversy about Maya Lin designing the memorial? she is also from a different ethnic group.




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