Woman Reading Possession Order by Tom Hunter

Woman Reading Possession Order by Tom Hunter

Tom Hunter’s remake of ‘a girl reading a letter by an open window’ by Johannes Vermeer is interesting as Hunter would of had to of done quite a bit of research and thought process to think of how to remake the painting as a photograph, what to include, what not to include, how to stage the shot etc and then think how to make it look like the painting itself so that people understand the connection and what it’s meant to present.

I think that the way it’s been shot works very well as you can clearly see the connection between the painting itself and the photograph taken by Tom Hunter.

Not many people may think to remake paintings into photographs so it’s quite a different photograph to see and without seeing the painting side by side with the photograph and maybe not knowing the painting at all you’d have to research into what the idea of the photograph was and then compare to two, which I think is good as to the viewer it’s then more than just a photograph on a gallery wall or wherever it may be, it’s a starting point to looking into the meaning of the photograph (if you didn’t know it before) and comparing the photograph to the painting


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