Careers Advice

In lectures we also spoke about careers and what you could do to help set yourself up for your career. We were told about a book called ‘Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People’ by Carol Eikleberry. This book her guide to careers which provides knowledgeable career guidance, real-life success stories and self-evaluation tools to help artistic people figure out how to remain different and unconventional while finding work that they are interested in and love, like photography for example.

Although in the past I’ve not been much of a reader and never really took the time to sit down and read a book from start to finish I think that having a look at this book would be very helpful to me and my career so I will probably buy this book or find it in the library (if it’s there) to read through the guidance and advice that the book has to tell.

As well as being told about the book, Creative & Unconvential People we also looked at different websites that could help with your career like Behance and Linked In, these websites were interesting as they’re really easy to set up and manage so you could sign up, make an account and start managing that account straight away, which would begin to help with your career as you’re getting your name and work out there and potentially having people who may be interested in your work contact you for a job if they think that you’re employable.

These websites will no doubt help with starting my career so I will definitely sign up to one if not both websites, Behance and Linked In and begin posting my work and talking about my work to see who could be interested.

I mentioned being employable earlier and that’s another thing that we talked about, employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship. Employability is if you’re suitable for the job, enterprise is the business and how you promote yourself and entrepreneurship is making the money. These three ‘e’s are key words in careers and words that I am going to try to remember as they will be very helpful for me when it comes to looking for a job.

Another online feature that we looked at was the jobwall which is on our college moodle page. The jobwall is where you can go to see if there are any jobs available that may be of interested to you and somewhere you can go to try to get those jobs that interest you or other jobs that may be of use to you, this is another feature that I am going to use along with Behance and Linked In. Also on moodle there is a Professional Practice page which gives advice and guidance which I will also be looking into as it will all help me in my career.


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