Photographic Associations & Agencies

In lectures we spoke about photographic associations and agencies, we looked at The Association of Photographers (AOP), British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP), Masters of Photographers Association (MPA) and Royal Photographic Society (RPS).

The association that we were told to look at mainly out of the list was AOP because the membership price is only £10 whereas membership prices for other associations like British Institute of Professional Photographers is £50 for a student. As well as this AOP is better for students as a lot of the other associations are more for professional photographers so they would be slightly more difficult for students.

We also looked at agencies like Talbot O’Connor, Horton-Stephens, Panos Pictures, Photographers’ Agents London and Contact-Creative.

Next I will look more into these associations and agencies and gain a better understanding and knowledge of what the associations and agencies could do to help me in the future or possibly even now. I may also join the AOP and make the most of what their membership has to offer. These offers would be a subscription to Image Magazine, the Find A Photographer feature on the website which could help you get work, as well as these offers you would also have is the Beyond The Lens book for only £10 with an AOP membership when it shoud usually be £30.

All these figures could be very helpful to me and this is why I may join the AOP.


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