The End of Land by Andrew Nadolski


The End of Land



Andrew Nadolski came into college to give a presentation about his work and his book, The End of Land, this book is of landscape photographs which he started photographing in 1996 at Porth Nanven, a remote beach on the west Cornwall coast. These photographs began as an intensely personal set of pictures but since have grown to that of major exhibited work keenly sought by collectors.

It was really interesting to hear what he had to say about his book and how he photographed the photographs as it’s good to find out how he started in the industry and how he planned out getting this photographs published into a book.

As well as this it’s also very inspiring as the photographs were originally personal sets of photographs but now they’ve became really popular with collectors and made a lot of money due to selling prints and also his books, which makes you think photographs that you take for personal work, while you’re out and about or something you see that you like the look of could sell many prints or/and be published into a book in a few years time.

I’m rather interested in landscape photography so to see these photographs it gives me an idea about how to compose the photographs, what to include or not include in the shots and what to focus on to make the photographs work, it also gives me a idea of what photographs would sell and make money.






Photographs that I particularly liked from the book are these photos that I’ve shown above, I like these photographs because they captured the movement of the water really effectively and also the depth of field is really good in the photos, the pebbles are in focus and the rocks in the background are also in focus, generally everything works well in the photographs and they stand out well, the composition also helps the photos being successful.


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