I don’t think my professional practice assignment went quite as well as it could of, I put the project to one side at first, this was to focus on another project which had an earlier deadline. I did this thinking I had a lot of time to get the professional practice assignment done, this I was proved wrong when I finished the assignment I was doing before and realised the short time I had for this project. When I realised this I turned my notes on visiting lecturers from my notebook into blog posts, this started off my professional practice blog. I found these blog posts quite easy to do was I already had all the information I needed, I just needed to transform them into digital form for the blog. Having said this I probably should have included some of my extensive research into the visiting lecturers to add to the notes that I took down when they visited, this would have made my research stronger.

Unfortunately I missed the professional practice session that we were set the interview task and it wasn’t until I while later that I know of it so I was a bit late into doing that task, this again could have been solved by finding out what I had missed from that session. When emailing potential interviewees I didn’t get much luck with replies, I did get a reply from Jem Southam but due to it being near Christmas time I had to wait until he was available as he wasn’t sure when he would be in Plymouth around that time.

Still doing the other assignment I got too into that assignment that I forgot about the interview that we had to do so I ended up getting back to Jem Southam later than I had in mind. Once I did send the other email to him about the interviews he replied saying how it would have to be via emails which was fine but unfortunately I didn’t get his reply in time for the deadline so didn’t have the interview that I needed for the module.

Overall I think with this assignment and probably other assignments too I need to manage my time better and try to balance out the different assignments that I am set so that I can get them finished in pretty of time and not have to try and juggle assignments and get too into one and not so much into others.

 As well as this I should make sure that I don’t miss sessions, even if it is just one or two as those particular sessions may be the session that we are set a new task or given new information on the module, or it may even be a session that we have a visiting lecturer in which I would miss. For the next module I plan to work on my faults and also try to think more into what career I want in the photographic industry so that I can focus tasks and research on that particular career path.


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