iPad 2 Gold History Edition & iPhone 4S Elite Gold

Taste, Value, Judgement

iPad 2 Gold History Edition & iPhone 4S Elite Gold

Although it isn’t related to photography or art, I thought that these linked in with taste, value and judgement as usually as soon as a new gadget or phone comes out everybody wants the newest one to be up to date with the newest technology, for example the new iPhones as new versions keep getting released, but then seeing this it’s taken things a bit too far.

I think Apple are just doing whatever they can to make more money out of people by continuously making newer versions of their gadgets but a lot of the time there not being much change at all. However now with the iPad 2 Gold History Edition and the iPhone 4S Elite Gold there is a massive difference, iPhones and iPads made of gold and even engrossed in diamonds.


iPad 2 Gold History Edition

The iPad 2 Gold History Edition is priced at being £500,0000 (about $81,50,000).

Decorated with 12.5 carats of ‘I’F’ Impressive diamonds, an overall total of 53 separately arranged shining gem stones, finished wonderfully in strong 24 carats Apple icon with backside portion developed again in 24ct Gold, analyzing in at 2,000 grams.

That is all already ridiculous for a gadget like an iPad and iPhone to be made of but that’s not all that is included, the primary front casing of iPad 2 Gold History Edition is built from one of the most ancient rocks across the world, Ammolite, and that is taken right from Canada and is above 75 hundred thousands years old. To enhance the uniqueness, parts of a Sixty Five Million yrs old T-rex dinosaur’s thighbone has been splintered after which it shaved into the Ammolite and then finalized with supreme jewels. A single cut 8.5 carats classic diamond is decorated in its own platinum encircle, utilizing 12 external impressive diamonds.

An iPad and iPhone being made of 12.5 carats diamonds, 53 shining gem stones, 24 carats gold Apple icon and the rest of the iPhone being 24 carat gold is just crazy, I don’t understand why anybody would want an iPad or iPhone made of that, apart from being able to show it off and be one of the only people to have an iPad/iPhone so different to everyone elses’.



iPhone 4S Elite Gold

For them to then be made of the most ancient rock in the world, which is taken straight from the Canada, being 75 hundred thousand years old, just to be put into making an iPad and iPhone is ridiculous, I don’t know why they even wanted to make an iPad and iPhone of diamonds and gold, let alone Ammolite as well.

They don’t even stop at that either, parts of a sixty five million yrs old T-rex dinosaur’s thighbone which have been splintered after are then shaved into the Ammolite and finalized with supreme jewels, 8.5 classic diamonds and then after that decorated in it’s own platinum encircle.

For gadgets like this to be made of all of these various jewels, ancient stone and dinosaur bones is ridiculous because none of what they’re made of is relevant to the gadget at all, usually with gadgets it’s the technology of it that makes it what it is, the casing, screen and buttons are perfectly fine being made of what they were made of originally.

The iPhone 4S Elite Gold is worth 6 million euros and made of pretty much the exact same as the iPad Gold History Edition is; encrusted with 500 diamonds, 53 of which are located in the logo of Apple. The back cover is made of 24 carat gold and gold-plated button in the Home button is located 8.6-carat diamond. The T-Rex thighbone splintered and shaved in, as well as opal, oligoclase, charoite and other precious stones. Even the headphones are encrusted with diamonds.

The back cover of iPad 2 Gold History Edition and iPhone 4S Elite Gold are made of pure gold weighing 2 pounds.

I don’t understand why anybody would want a iPad or iPhone made up of all of those things and with it weighing 2 pounds because of the things that they’re made of. An iPad doesn’t fit in your pocket anyway but for an iPhone to weight 2 pounds it would be really heavy to carry in your pocket and there just really isn’t any use of a phone being made of gold, diamonds, precious stones and T-Rex bones, neither is there any use for an iPad being made of all that either.

I think it’s all down to value, people will see these gadgets and they’d stand out and straight away you’d be able to tell it’s value because of the gold and diamonds, this would make people want to buy them as they’d want to show it off and be able to say they own a phone made of gold, diamonds and T-Rex bones and ancient stones. Because of this it’s also down to taste, if people like gold, diamonds and ancient artifacts, which most people probably do, they will want to own an iPhone made of them.

I personally don’t see the point in paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for an iPad or iPhone which would originally, without all the luxury add-ons cost you approximately £500. The iPad and iPhone wouldn’t be made of gold, diamonds, ancient stones and dinosaur bones but it would function just like the luxury one does and would work exactly the same.





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