Orange, Red, Yellow by Mark Rothko (1961)

Orange, Red, Yellow by Mark Rothko (1961)

Another piece of art which I think sold for a crazy amount in auction is this painting by Mark Rothko. This piece of art became the most expensive contemporary work of art at auction when it sold for $86.9 million at Christie’s International in New York in May.

I think for this piece of are $86.9 million is a ridiculous amount as it looks like an unfinished piece of art, by the looks of it the painting looks like he’s started the borders of the painting and started painting the rest of the painting too but then left it at that.

Although the painting looks unfinished and not very appealing I think that it’s probably down to the value of it that it sold for such a high price. With the painting being from the 1960’s it’s got a lot of age to it and therefore would be classed as a classic and is most probably a very rare painting.

Researching through other painting by Mark Rothko I realised that the use of only a few colours and the ‘unfinished’ look is his style of painting, therefore his paintings would be very unique and with them being unique the price would be set high because there wouldn’t be other paintings like his.

I personally wouldn’t spent $86.9 million on this painting but I guess it’s again down to taste and judgement, if people like the painting and find it appealing then they’d be interested in buying it, I wouldn’t buy it personally but other people may be interested in his style of art and be a fan of Rothko.

Also, it’s down to the judgement of the art, if you judge the art as being unique, a classic and being a rare piece of art then you’d want to buy it to be able to say that you own that piece of art. On the other hand, if you can see the painting selling for a lot of money due to it being unique, a classic and a rare piece of art then people may buy it for the high price that it’s going for and try to make a profit from selling it at another auction.


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