Prestige HD Televisions

Other products that I think are made ridiculously are these HD televisions, these televisions are made of hand sewn animals skins, for example; alligator skin, ostrich skin and also made of 8k gold, diamonds and gemstones.


The designer of these televisions happens to be the same designer of the iPads and iPhones and he also makes luxury laptops, cars, yachts, furniture and many other items.

I think this designer takes things way too over the top as he makes things that don’t need to be made to try and make money that he probably wouldn’t even make as I doubt many people would want to or even be able to afford to purchase such items.

For this ‘luxury’ items to be made of gold and diamonds is already taking things too far but to then be using animal skins is crazy. The T-Rex thigh bones are ancient artifact and shouldn’t be shaved into making ‘luxury’ gadgets, as well as the Ammolite, the ancient stone, which again is an artifact which shouldn’t be put into making gadgets.

Anyway, going back to the animal skins, it’s not fair on animals to be killed and then skinned just to be used for televisions, the televisions could easily just be made from metal or plastic, like they are usually. Doing this would save having to kill animals and skin them for ‘luxury’ and to try and make more money out of something that would usually cost a lot more than the asking price for these ‘luxury’ items.


Alligator skin television corner detail.


Ostrich skin television corner detail.

Again, like I said with the iPads and iPhones, these televisions would work exactly the same if they were made of the usual material, metal and plastic. The only reason people would want to buy these televisions is the value of them, not many people would have televisions made using alligator and ostrich skin and so they’d want to own one and it’s their judgement whether they’re worth buying or not and it depends on their taste whether they like the look of the televisions and would want to buy one.

For the price that they are, £1,500,000 ($2.27 million) I personally wouldn’t buy one as you can get a HD television of the same size for a lot cheaper, the only difference would be the design and look of the television itself, which really doesn’t matter much at all as the only thing that really matters is that the screen works and you can see what you’re wanting to watch.

Other televisions of his include the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose, which is a 55″ HDTV with a base and outer frame made of 28 kilograms of solid 18ct rose gold. The outer frame is “adorned with 72 brilliant round cut 1ct I’F Flawless diamonds” and a mix of sunstone & amethyst, while the inner frame is made of hand sewn Alligator skin. This television costs the same as the other televisions made of animal skins and gold but this one has a budget edition, called the PrestigeHD, this television only has 19 kilograms of gold and 48 diamonds, costing £1,000,000 ($1.5 million).

“A company has also designed diamond stud television. This is called Prestige H.D. Supreme and the person who has bought this in front of the world his name is Stuerd Huze. The Prestige H.D. Television is of 5.5 screen and is covered with 18 carat rose gold of 28 kilograms and 72 diamonds. The cost of one such T.V. is 2.3 million U.S. dollars.” S, Lakhotia, Golden Key to Become Super Rich. pg. ?

I think the price of all the televisions and the idea of these televisions is just ridiculous and even the budget price of the PrestigeHD television is crazy as with a million pounds you could afford something a lot better than a television made of gold, jewels and animal skins, especially when a 55″ television without the gold, jewels and animal skins could cost you no more than £3,000.



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