The Family Album & Social Media

Everybody has a family album, whether they own it themselves or their grandparents do, their grandparents probably also have their own family album too. Family albums get passed down from generation to generation and the next generation are always adding more photos to the album of more recent occasions or/and family members. Indeed, it could be said that ‘the family album produces the family, produces particular forms of family’ (Kuhn, 2002 p.20).

With their being disposable cameras even the children in the family can take photographs whilst on holiday or wherever they may be as there’s no camera settings to fiddle with, they’re just point and shoots and then the film can be developed after by Boots or wherever else people may go to get them developed.

Disposable cameras are really good because they’re so simple to use and it encourages people to take photos as it’s really easy to do. Many families would want to remember certain occasions, for example; birthdays, christmas, weddings, kids’ first day at school, graduation etc, so with there being disposable cameras they can easily take it along with them and capture memories of those moments, they could even use a compact camera as they are also simple to use, plus they wouldn’t have to get the film developed, they could transfer them onto their computers and create a slideshow/powerpoint of their photos to show others.

Depending on the family member behind the camera, some photographs may be funny shots rather than serious moments in the family, these may not be included in the family album but with the compact camera being digital and the photos being easy to transfer onto the computer, these funny photos may end up being uploaded to Facebook or other social media sites to share with family and friends to laugh at whatever it is that may be funny in the photo.

The problem here in that with photos being really easy to upload onto the various social media sites, people may take it too far and upload photos that they probably shouldn’t or share photos that may offend other people online and potentially get the person in trouble. Facebook has 1.11 Billion users so photos are being shared all the time from all over the world, with that many people using the site, photos being shared could be seen by everyone and not everyone will find the photo as funny as the person who uploaded it does, as well as this people may upload photos that they didn’t even mean to, which could cause problems with people online as well as the person who uploaded it as they would no doubt be embarrassed by what they accidentally uploaded for the world to see.




For example American politician, Anthony Weiner who accidentally tweeted a picture of his penis to the 75,000 followers that he has on Twitter, this accident ended up losing him his job and gave up one of the longest running Democratic Congressional seats in political history.


Everybody uses the internet nowadays and no doubt use it most days, it isn’t just photos of family and friends and photos of themselves that they upload, they may see something funny whilst out and about or see a funny sign that they think it worth sharing, it may even be a spelling mistake that turns the sentence into something completely different which is then found amusing by other people so they upload it onto the internet and it gets shared around the social networking sites.

I found some examples of this whilst searching for embarrassing photos and spelling mistake photos.


As you can see here there’s a mistake in the writing and this could happen many of times and be uploaded into the internet for everyone to see, although it is always funny when it happens people need to check what they are uploading before they share it with the world, especially if it’s of them, their family or something personal to them.



Family photos could be the same as these sort of photos with letters being covered up or spelling missing, these sort of photos are probably binned, deleted or kept out of the family album but the odd few could end up on the internet.








Their family album probably wouldn’t of included this photo but somehow it made it onto the internet, lots of photos get onto social networking sites all of the time and families and friends of the family could not appreciate the photo being online but once the photo is on the internet it could be shared around by many of different people and be uploaded onto other sites and getting the photo removed from the internet completely could be challenging, this is why you need to check what you’re uploading before it’s too late.

I think family albums were better when they were taken on film, whether that’s from a disposable camera or using a film camera, I think that it was better that was as the photos would be as they were taken, they couldn’t be edited like digital files could and unless they were scanned into the computer they couldn’t be uploaded onto the computer and cause potential problems. Social network sites are full of bad photos of people and photoshopped photos that cause controversy, especially with photos of celebrities. Family photos should be kept to the families and in family albums rather than posted and shared online as anything could happen to those photos whereas if they’re kept in the family album then they’re only going to be shared amongst family.



Kuhn, A., (2002) Family Secrets: Acts of Memory and Imagination London: Verso.



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