‘Filmstudie’ by Hans Richter (1925)

After watching Rhyme 21 by Hans Richter I went on to watch another of his videos, Filmstudie. This video was made four years after Rhyme 21 and was Richter’s experiments with abstract.

I was really interested by this video as I’ve abstract art has always been an interest of mine, mostly in photography but also in paintings and after watching this, along with other abstract videos, films are now an interest. I think that this video by Richter is really well made as the use of repetition again works well and unlike Rhyme 21, the shapes form into other shapes and it’s a lot more fast paced than Rhyme 21 which adds to the abstract side of the video, shapes and subjects quite slightly unrecognisable because of the speed that they are moving and how they sometimes suddenly form into something completely different.

Alike Rhyme 21, I think it would be good to experiment with the two, or maybe just the one, unless I could find a way of mixing the two, which might be possible and seeing what could be made of these techniques using a super 8 camera.


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