Alex Gopher – The Child

This music video for Alex Gopher’s song ‘The Child’ was directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet in 1999, using typography he replaced the objects and subjects which sound be in the video with typography of what those subjects and objects are. Until now I haven’t seen a typography used so primarily in a music video. I think this approach to a music video is very creative and interesting as not many people would expect to see it in a music video which makes it unique and the idea of using the typography rather than getting models to act in the video and shooting a video on location is imaginative and something that not many people would think of doing.

With all of the video being typography it gets the viewer more into the video as they have to take the time to read the storyline to the video and what is going on as well as what the people look like. The sound clips also add to the effect the video has as you obviously can’t read sound so adding the sound of cars, crashes, what the people have to say etc. helps everything flow together well and I think that it’s all done very successfully.


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