‘Dimensions of Dialogue’ by Jans Švankmajer (1982)

We also looked at ‘Dimensions of Dialogue’ by Jans Švankmajer which I found really confusing and hard to understand. This video was of different subjects merging together to make figures which would then eat each other and spit each other back out to form other figures which are made of the two different subjects, whether it be clay or food products or food utensils. I didn’t understand what made Jans Švankmajer create the video and how he came up with the idea but I think that it’s an interesting video and I like how the different subjects form into figures and how the subjects are cut, crushed and squashed to made smaller parts of those particular subjects.

It’s a very abstract and surreal work of art and I find it very unique, I’ve seen videos like it before but more modern, no doubt influenced by ‘Dimensions of Dialogue. The video alike Dimensions of Dialogue that I’ve seen before is taking subjects that look alike the food products that they’re supposed to portray in the video, for example a dice being a sugar cube. I think this relates to Dimensions of Dialogue in a way as it links back to the figures being made of food products.

What I like most about Dimensions of Dialogue is the clay figures, I understood that part of the video more than the rest of the video and I found it interesting the dialogue more interesting, I liked how it shows the effects that squashing clay has on the figures when they fight and then how the clump of clay is then reformed into figures and those figures having objects that relate to one another and then the surrealness of the figures having objects that don’t relate to each other and showing what happens when those particular objects are used with each other.

I think I enjoyed that part of the video more as I understood it more and feel as if the dialogue was better in that part of the video than it the part with the food products and food utensils, although that dialogue also works well with it showing what the food utensils do to the food products.


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