‘Swinging The Lambeth Walk’ by Len Lye (1940)

Another video we watched was ‘Swinging The Lambeth Walk’ by Len Lye, this video I found most influencing as I feel it shows the effects of Super 8 the most. Swinging The Lambeth Walk is a video of many different shapes, patterns and forms in fast pace. I found the video interesting as it looks like a rather simply video, with it being very minimalistic. Although I’m not sure how the video was created, it looks as if the shapes, patterns and forms were scratched or/and painted onto the film itself and the background possibly painted on too, which is very creative and most of took a lot of time to complete and do correctly. What I also like about this video is that you can see the little scratches of the film in parts of the video which gives it a raw look, which I think is effective.

I think this video stands out as there is a wide range of different colours and patterns which catch the viewers eye and with the video being fast pace it all flows better together with the patterns switching and it all being quick flashes of colour, pattern, shape and forms.

Seeing this video has made me want to experiment with the different speeds that super 8 cameras can do and see what effects they can have on my video.


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