‘The Way Things Go’ by Peter Fischli & David Weiss (1987)

‘The Way Things Go’ a video which shows different objects knocking into each other which then circuits the other object to start moving which circuits another object, which then circuits another object and so on and so forth, like dominos.

I’ve seen a car advert by Honda influenced by this video which I found very creative and imaginative so to now see this video it is interesting to see how it was done before Honda recreated it for the advert.

Honda – The Cog

Obviously you can tell the age difference between to two and can see how modern Honda’s version is, with it being made up of Honda Accord car parts rather than a bin bags, ladders, paint etc. But I think that Fischli & Weiss’ video is better as it was actually set up and ran as a full circuit, which shows the time and effort put into getting the video right, whereas ‘The Cog’ could’ve been edited in post-production or partly/fully CGI which although looks good, isn’t as effective as ‘The Way Things Go’. Also, ‘The Way Things Go’ includes things which would be harder to get correct, overall I think that ‘The Way Things Go’ is more creative but I like that Honda used Fischli & Weiss as an influence for their advert as it shows how inspiring the video is.


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