Camera Try Out

At first when I tried out the Super 8 camera I ended up pressing the wrong button and messed up the film, this was due to pressing the rewind button whilst shooting on location. Due to it happening whilst out recording and it being on a weekend I couldn’t get the camera fixed straight away and therefore was a bit behind on my film because of not having any footage. I wanted to experiment with rewinding film as well as speeding up film and slowing it down but should of waited until post-production to do so. I missed a few sessions so wasn’t up to date on what had happened and therefore missed the Super 8 camera induction, which was why I wasn’t’ quite sure on what buttons did what. Since that time I’ve had the film in the camera rewinded properly and handed back to me to reshoot. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the footage I had in like, busy traffic, but got footage of traffic which I could play around with in post-production. I wasn’t paying much attention to how  long I’d been recording for and ended up using a lot more film that I was supposed to, which was a shame because if I shot small bursts of film rather than all at once I probably could of got better footage and wouldn’t of ran over on film. I need to become more organised and manage my work better in the future to prevent these mistakes happening.


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