Abstract Blurred Landscapes

It’s photography like Randall Talbot’s and Cofiant’s (flickr user) photography series based on ‘Abstract Blurred Landscapes’ that influenced me to work with the blurred landscapes from the train window because at first I wasn’t sure how it would look but then I found one of Randall Talbot’s photographs and thought they were really good and then tried to find others like it, which is when I found some of Cofiant’s photographs and then searched through his Flickr page and found the series that he’s done. I think they’re really interesting photos as the colours blend together really nicely and it’s that which then made me thinkĀ that the blurred landscapes could possibly work in the video and that it would be worth experimenting with.

I wanted to like video the landscape rather than take stills and put them into the video because I thought that the movement in the landscapes could also add something to the effect of it all and would of liked to of used the Super 8 camera as the wash patterns would of added to the movement of the landscape.


dsc_0041-edit RANDALL TALBOT


Photography by Randall Talbot




dsc_0050-edit SPRINT THAW








Spring Thaw by Randall Talbotdsc_0018-edit RANDALL TALBOT





Photography by Randall Talbot

download (1)

Photography by Cofiantdownload

Photography by Cofiant


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