Digital Film

Picture4Digital Film

Although I wanted to use the Super 8 camera for the recording of the landscape through a train window whilst on a journey, I thought it would of been difficult to record with the Super 8 from my seat and also, I unfortunately didn’t have the camera on me at the time anyway. I wanted to use the Super 8 as it would add a different look to the landscape, with the wash patterns of the film, which I thought would make an interesting abstract sort of feel to the video. Anyway, due to not having the Super 8 camera and the potential difficulties of recording with it whilst in my train seat, I recorded in digital instead, using my mobile phone, which records in Full HD. I found this a lot easier as I could hold my phone against the train window easily and not have to worry about adjusting the focus on the camera or fidgeting about in my seat when it comes to having to look through the viewfinder and adjusting the zoom.


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