To be able to make a career out of Landscape and Documentary photography I’d like to speak to different Landscape and Documentary photographers to ask for guidance and advice on how to get myself out there and known by the public, as well as advice on how to kickstart the career and be able to get the opportunity to travel to different countries. With this in mind I wanted to interview landscape or/and documentary photographers only as they are the photographers that would be able to help me out the most, although any other photographers would have a good idea of what I am interested in, I think landscape or/and documentary photographers would be the best to go to for the advice and guidance that I am after. Ultimately, I’d like to assist a landscape or/and documentary photographer to gain the understanding of shooting landscapes and how to go about documenting through photography, as well as the techniques used.

My goals are to have interviews with photographers, go out and shoot as much as I can to become better and extend my interest in landscape and documentary photography. Also, if possible, another goal would be to find myself a job assisting a photographer. An obvious goal that I’d set myself would also be to do my best in the degree and pass the three years so that I’d then increase my chances of getting an assistant photographer job or even a job as a main photographer by having the degree, as at the moment, I haven’t got the experience needed to become an assistant photographer or persue a job as a photographer.


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