Abstract Blurred Landscapes

It’s photography like Randall Talbot’s and Cofiant’s (flickr user) photography series based on ‘Abstract Blurred Landscapes’ that influenced me to work with the blurred landscapes from the train window because at first I wasn’t sure how it would look but then I found one of Randall Talbot’s photographs and thought they were really good and then tried to find others like it, which is when I found some of Cofiant’s photographs and then searched through his Flickr page and found the series that he’s done. I think they’re really interesting photos as the colours blend together really nicely and it’s that which then made me think┬áthat the blurred landscapes could possibly work in the video and that it would be worth experimenting with.

I wanted to like video the landscape rather than take stills and put them into the video because I thought that the movement in the landscapes could also add something to the effect of it all and would of liked to of used the Super 8 camera as the wash patterns would of added to the movement of the landscape.


dsc_0041-edit RANDALL TALBOT


Photography by Randall Talbot




dsc_0050-edit SPRINT THAW








Spring Thaw by Randall Talbotdsc_0018-edit RANDALL TALBOT





Photography by Randall Talbot

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Photography by Cofiantdownload

Photography by Cofiant


I found this part of the scene interesting as well as after the fast strips of colour from the train going by, these white lines joined them, quite was obviously a part of the train but I think all these added shapes, lines and patterns adds to the abstract look and complement each other well. It’s a shame that I didn’t capture this particular scene with the Super 8 as I’d really of liked to see how that would of turned out.




Another train came speeding past the window and luckily it was whilst I was still filming, I think this captured the abstract effect I was after best and in the scene it would go from how the landscape looks to this fast strip of colours. I feel as if this would of been a lot nicer if it was captured in Super 8 as the wash patterns over the top of the strip of colours would of added to the abstract look and give a really interesting effect.


One of these abstract effects that I thought worked quite well was this particular part in one of the scenes, I think the added lines going across the scene adds quite a nice effect to the overall look of the landscape and helped to give that different feel to how your eyes see something when it’s slightly blurred due to the speed of the vehicle that you’re in.

Abstract Blur

Picture13Abstract Blur

I wanted to try and create something from the digital recording from the window that didn’t look like what it’s supposed to be, because that’s what happens when you’re looking at something out of a window at the speed the vehicle happens to be going at the time. I didn’t get much from the video itself, I had to speed it up in Premiere to get the effect I wanted, which is another reason I’d of liked to of used the Super 8 camera for these scenes, but once sped up I started to get the sort of effect I was after. Although it’s quite obvious from this particular one what it is, I did can a few better effects throughout the edit.

Digital Film

Picture4Digital Film

Although I wanted to use the Super 8 camera for the recording of the landscape through a train window whilst on a journey, I thought it would of been difficult to record with the Super 8 from my seat and also, I unfortunately didn’t have the camera on me at the time anyway. I wanted to use the Super 8 as it would add a different look to the landscape, with the wash patterns of the film, which I thought would make an interesting abstract sort of feel to the video. Anyway, due to not having the Super 8 camera and the potential difficulties of recording with it whilst in my train seat, I recorded in digital instead, using my mobile phone, which records in Full HD. I found this a lot easier as I could hold my phone against the train window easily and not have to worry about adjusting the focus on the camera or fidgeting about in my seat when it comes to having to look through the viewfinder and adjusting the zoom.