From Hobby to Career

From Hobby to Career

I found this article by Paul Arthur about how photography started as a hobby for him and then it ended up as a career, he talks about how he changed photography from a hobby into a career and what he did to get to where he is today and what he does as a professional photographer. I think this article could help me a lot in my decision of making photography a career and how to go about making it happen.

“This hectic business lifestyle and the 50 hours a week spent living it meant that I didn’t really have any time to devote to my landscape photography. In the end, the only time I had to make landscape images was when I was away on holiday, or the occasional free weekend when I was able to leave early on Friday night and work my way over to Wales, or down to Cornwall. This isn’t news to anyone. As landscape photographers, we all have trouble finding the time to get out in to the landscape, struggle against the conditions and, especially if you live in the Midlands, the long journeys you have to endure to get there.”

Taking this quote from article, I understand what he means as a lot of the time I find it hard to photograph landscapes, due to the weather, not having the spare time or not having the transport to get the certain places. Also, most of the landscape photography I’ve been doing has been whilst away on holiday or on a weekend, if the weather is good. This is partly why I’d like to travel to different countries to do my photography, because the weather is pretty much guaranteed to be good and I think that there’s a lot more interesting subjects and sights in different countries. Also, because of being on holiday, you’ll be able to commit all your time to photographing.

“So in order to survive, my first few years as a professional photographer were spent struggling through day after day at a desk, travelling to meetings with clients, attending networking events and above all, attempting to persuade people to spend their money with me instead of with all the other photographers around doing exactly the same thing.”

Taking another quote from the article, I feel that this is something I’d have to work on before making a career of my photography, getting my photography out there and making people interested in my work over somebody elses’ sounds as if it would be difficult for me, as I’m not very confident in my own work and therefore would feel as if other people’s work would be better than mine and they would get more interest and sell more than I would. Also, attending events and meeting clients is another thing I’d have to work on if I were to make a career out of photography as I’m not very confident and a lot of the time shy away from public speaking.

Overall, I think this article has helped me gain an understanding of being a landscape photographer as a career as it’s informed me what you need to do, how you should do it and what to look out for whilst being a professional photographer.

Year of a Million Dreams by Annie Leibovitz

The Disney Dream Portraits are portraits of celebrities as Disney characters which Disney commissioned Annie Leibovitz to photograph for Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams. The Year of a Million Dreams was a promotion at the Disneyland resort and that began on 1st October 2006 and ran until 31st of December 2008, extended past its original year deadline.

If you click on the link below it will link you to a website showing all of the Disney Dream Portraits.

I think Year of a Million Dreams is very interesting as Leibovitz would of had to of spent a lot of time working with Disney and all the famous people included in the photographs to plan all these shoots out. It must of took a long time to arrange everything and get everything right so it would of needed a lot of patience for the shoots to be done.

Also with it being done to promote Disney the whole project would of had to be done to the best ability for Disney to be satisfied with them so Annie Leibovitz would of had to of put in a lot of time and effort to be able to get the photographs that she wanted and needed for the commission. I think that Leibovitz succeeded this.

To me these photographs are amazing as the models for the shoots are famous, well-known people so for those people to be part of the project to advertise and promote Year of a Million Dreams for Disney I think is huge. Everybody would know of Disney straight away that will grab their attention as of that recognition, then they’d recognise the famous people that are in the photographs and that will grab their attention even more and I just think these photographs stand out very well and would of worked extremely well for the purpose of the remakes.

Whoopi Goldberg as Genie from Aladdin


Jeff Bridges and Penelope Cruz as Beauty & the Beast

Russell Brand as Captain Hook


Jennifer Hudson as Tiana from The Princess and the Frog


Johnny Depp and Patti Smith – Pirates of the Caribbean


Jessica Biel as Pocahontas


Alec Baldwin & Olivia Wilde – Snow White


Taylor Swift as Rapunzel


Queen Latifah as The Queen in The Little Mermaid


Mona Lisa Parodies

Mona Lisa Parodies

I think because the Mona Lisa is such an iconic painting and is so well-known that everybody knows of the painting and go to the Louvre to see the painting when it comes to there being remakes and parodies of it everyone will know the painting and straight away know that it’s the Mona Lisa so for there to be remakes and parodies of the painting everyone will find them funny and maybe even make there own as the understand the joke behind the picture and what it’s meant to be.

There are so many parodies of the Mona Lisa now that I wasn’t sure which ones to show but I found this website that has three pages of different parodies. Some are very well done and others you can tell are people joking around using online websites, for example FACEinHOLE ( where you can edit you face, or whichever face you like into a variety of different photos.

If you were to search ‘Mona Lisa’ into FACEinHOLE you can see various choices of Mona Lisa style photos which you can edit your face onto. source:

I think with it being so easy to make Mona Lisa parodies everyone is doing it and the editing of Mona Lisa is just fun and games like parodies are meant to be, but when there’s parodies of Osama Bin Laden’s and Adolf Hitler’s face on the Mona Lisa I think the joke could be taken differently by people that may not take that as a joke, so these parodies could also end up being quite controversial.



Maya Lin Vietnam Memorial

Maya Lin Vietnam Memorial

I think that the Vietnam memorial wall that Maya Lin designed is interesting because it is different to most other war memorials whether they’re statues of different soldiers of that war or a list of names on a wall or whatever the monument may be. Although this memorial is a list of the soldiers names it is different in it’s own way in that you can see your reflection in the wall, so if you were to go to find the name of a family member and you see your reflection beside the name it will give a more personal feel to the moment as you’ll be stood among that family member.

Also I think this memorial is different in that it’s a wall that takes up two acres, so it isn’t a small memorial, you could spend a day there from start to end reading all the soldiers’ names and trying to find those family members and it would be like a journey.

I understand the criticism of the prize winner and the person allowed to design the memorial being Chinese but I don’t think that should make any difference, she was born in Ohio and lived in Ohio most of her life so really she should be accepted as an American, or at least partly anyway, as she is known as being a Chinese American, not Chinese.

Anyway, I think it should be acceptable for someone from another country to be able to design a war memorial for another country as it shows that they aren’t against the U.S. or the U.S. soldiers and show their support of those soldiers killed in the Vietnam war. 

When it came to designing the other memorial, The Three Soldiers they decided to include a soldiers from three different ethnic groups to be the statues of the memorial to stop any comments being made of there only being white people as the statues and not showing support for soldiers from other countries that fought in the war, but if they chose to show those three soldiers from different ethnic groups then why was there controversy about Maya Lin designing the memorial? she is also from a different ethnic group.



“PastPresent” – ‘Waste Land’ project by Sally Waterman

“PastPresent” – ‘Waste Land’ project by Sally Waterman

I think that ‘PastPresent’ is an interesting series of photographs as they document childhood/family photographs in a way that not many people would. Usually family photographs would be kept in albums and shared with family or/and friends but Sally Waterman is taking those photographs and sharing them with the public.

The way that she has decided to present these family photographs is creating a story too, she’s gone back to the location that the photo was originally taken and held up the original photograph up against the background of the location to show the changes of then and now. Presenting it in this way makes the viewer think about what the family are doing now, where they are and how things have changed.

This particular project made me think of a project of another artist that I’ve researched before called Ben Heine, he is a Belgium graphic designer and has done a project called ‘Pencil Vs Camera’ where he sketches images and then holds those sketches up against a background that relates to his sketches to tell stories. (see source for examples)



Sally Waterman –

Ben Heine –